Visualize any flat-print design in 3D.

Folding Genius 3D AI Plug-in offers precision visualization of 3D folding and assembly for existing dieline design files. It’s great for showing off die-cut designs, including packaging, point-of-purchase or 3D tradeshow displays, or even greeting cards. Fieline Genius product is based on the Ashlar-Vellum Graphite CAD engine.

This Adobe Illustrator plug-in offers:

  • 3D visualization functions
  • 3D PDF and 2D JPG exports
  • An easy-to-use interface
  • Easily set material thickness
  • Support for Mac and Windows
  • Support for the latest AI versions

Folding Genius 3D AI Plug-in supports 3D visualization of dielines created in or easily imported from box design programs including:

  • AlphaCorr’s Rules™ or SteelRules™
  • Arden Software’s Impact
  • Comnet’s Box Vellum
  • Dimensional Impression’s Score! (formerly Ashlar Score!)
  • Esko’s ArtiosCAD

It’s fast and easy

  1. Draw your dielines directly in Illustrator or import them from on of the box design programs above.
  2. Use Illustrator tools to add graphics to the structure on layers as desired.
  3. Open Folding Genius’ 3D preview window and click Fold to see the folded design appear in three dimensions.
  4. Rotate and zoom to examine it thoroughly.
  5. Save the image as a JPG or export your design as a 3D PDF.

Compatible with Adobe Illustrator versions:

  • CS6
  • CC
  • CC 2014

Support for both Mac and Windows operating systems available on the same versions as supported by Adobe Illustrator.

Exports to file formats:

  • 3D PDF
  • JPG