Upgrade from Cobalt™ v6 to v9

Cobalt v6 is over 10 years old and considered obsolete, therefore it is no longer eligible for standard discounted upgrade. Please contact Ashlar-Vellum or your dealer for pricing.

Cobalt v9 offers a number of new tools and user enhancements over Cobalt v6. Here is a list of the most important new functions for v9 and the other versions you’ve been missing.

Cobalt v9 3D Modeling Software Offers:

Architectural Features

New Drawing Features

  • Improved Hatching (learn more)
  • Flattened Perspective View

New Surfacing Features

New Image Handling Options for 2D Raster Images

Import/Export Enhancements

  • 2D PDF Import
  • 3D PDF Export
  • Kinetics Export (.sim)
  • AutoCAD 2015/2016 DXF/DWG Support

Cobalt v8 Offered:

  • Conditional Equations (learn more)
  • Nested Equations (learn more)
  • Status Line and Edit Object Fields Support Variables (learn more)
  • Enhanced Rib Tool (learn more)
  • Formulas Entered in Status Line Now Stored as Equations instead of Results
  • Photo-realistic Views in Model to Sheet (learn more)
  • Real-time Section Profiles and Cutaway Views in Edit Window (learn more)
  • Real-time Environment Maps in Edit Window (learn more)
  • Real-time Pseudo Zebra in Edit Window
  • Real-time Normal, Curvature & Draft Check in Edit Window
  • Real-time Display in 3D of Imported Scanned Hand Sketches (learn more)
  • Enhanced Project to Surface Tools Support Multiple Termination Options for Solids (learn more)
  • Advanced Control of Antialiasing for Objects, Edges, Shadows and Reflections (learn more)
  • Independent Control of Reflections and Refractions for Photo-realistic Rendering
  • Accelerated Phong and Gouraud Shading Options for Fly-by and Walk-through Animations
  • Accelerated Phong and Gouraud Shading Options for Render to File
  • Enhanced Shade Now Shortcut
  • Photo-realistic Environment Maps for Stills and Animations (learn more)
  • Photo-realistic Sunlight (from Location and Date/Time) for Stills and Animations (learn more)
  • Photo-realistic Tube and Area Lights for Stills and Animations (learn more)
  • Optionally Interleave Wireframe Geometry in Photo-realistically Rendered Stills and Animations (learn more)
  • Enhanced Select and Transform Tools that Directly Move Faces and Edges in Solids without Using the Specialized Local Face Tools (learn more)
  • Photo-realistic Material Changes Displayed in Real Time in the Edit Window
  • Import and Export of Bitmap Images
  • Imported Bitmaps Support Alpha Channel (learn more)
  • Spacemouse-device Support (Mac)
  • Spherical & Cylindrical Duplicate Tool (learn more)
  • Enhanced Polar Duplicate Tool (learn more)
  • Direct, Multi-sheet PDF Creation with Optionally Embedded Source and Exported Files (learn more)
  • Optional Automatic View Scale Indicator (learn more)
  • Updated ACIS with enhanced STEP, IGES and Catia Translators (learn more)
  • Batch Convert Tool (learn more)
  • Enhanced Import/Export Dialog Box Featuring Target and Source Software by Product Name (learn more)
  • Layers Optionally Override Pen Properties (learn more)
  • User-definable Interface Skins (learn more)
  • User-definable Texture Library Locations (learn more)
  • New Installer (learn more)
  • Enhanced Pop-up Menu for Entities (learn more)
  • Mid-point Line Tool (learn more)
  • Star Polygon Tool (learn more)
  • Twist Tool (learn more)
  • Stretch Tool (learn more)
  • Enhanced Extrude Tools Support Non-planar Profiles (learn more)
  • Enhanced Skin Solid Tool (learn more)
  • Automatic Mask Creation from Alpha Channel on Decals (learn more)
  • Materials Supported Independently on Decals (learn more)
  • Automated Support Ticket Preparation (learn more)
  • File Preview on Mac (learn more)
  • Advanced Hole Creation and Drill Access
  • Enhanced Lathe Tools Support Non-planar Profiles
  • Colors Assigned for each Face (learn more)
  • Materials Assigned for each Face (learn more)
  • AutoCAD 2008 DXF/DWG Support (learn more)
  • Optimization for Intel Mac
  • Multiprocessor Photo-realistic Rendering and Animation on Mac OS X
  • Enhancements to DWG, including:
    • Improved import/export of dimensions
    • Unsupported entities imported as groups
    • Correct Export of Line Types
    • Import Logs
  • Support fro Sub-folders in Batch Convert tool
  • Concurrent operation of v6, v7 and v8
  • Document thumbnails for Finder
  • Copy as Instance and Associative Duplicate Available for Surfaces
  • Pan within Drawing Views
  • Dimension Line Optionally Always Display
  • ClarisCad Import
  • Sketch Renderings (learn more)
  • Stroke Shortcuts (learn more)
  • Layer Sets (learn more)
  • Enhanced Drafting Assistant Preferences (learn more)
  • Revised Model to Sheet Dialog Box (learn more)
  • Faster Loading History Tree
  • Tutorials in Help Menu
  • Samples in File Menu
  • Enhanced Access to Drafting Assistant Settings
  • Faster Render Library Rebuild (Windows only)
  • Improved Object Visibility with Construction Lines
  • Direct Access to Folders Paths Defined in Preferences
  • Changeable Mouse-wheel Zoom Direction
  • More Entities Accepted with the Fill Command
  • Special Copy/Paste Command to and from Graphite v8 SP2
  • Feature Tree Replace Curve Option Now Supports Multi-curve Selections

Upgrade Cobalt v6 and Graphite 7

Cobalt v6 and its companion license to Graphite can now be upgraded separately. Electronic-only download. Click here to buy now through our on-line web store:

Upgrade Both

Cobalt v6 Plus Graphite v7 to Cobalt v9 Plus Graphite v10 US $1,690.00 Buy
Upgrade Single-user License (e-only)

Upgrade Cobalt Only

Cobalt v6 Plus Graphite v7 to Cobalt v9 & keep Graphite v7 e-only US $895.00 Buy
Upgrade Single-user License (e-only)

Upgrade Graphite Only

Cobalt v6 Plus Graphite v7 to Graphite v10 with NO Cobalt Upgrade US $795.00 Buy
Upgrade Single-user License (e-only)

Are you RCR or STU?

Need to upgrade your special-use licenses for RCR (formerly ACO) or STU (formerly EDU?) Click here for pricing options and updated information on your special use licensing agreements.