Unsolicited Testimonial from a 15 Year Ashlar-Vellum Products User

From: Troy Gleeson
Sent: Monday, December 03, 2012 4:19 PM
To: sales@ashlar.com
Subject: Unsolicited testimonial from a 15 year Ashlar-Vellum products user

I was introduced to Ashlar-Velum in my mid twenties and have been using the platform daily for 15 years. I have designed and built everything from Broadway venue sets to aircraft components to furniture on this platform. For me there is no comparison in terms of geometry creation. I am also trained in Solidworks and Wildfire 5 (Pro Engineer) and use these powerful programs primarily for their assembly and engineering tools. I rarely use them for design, preferring to complete the design first in Cobalt and then import it though the many translation extensions. I find, after having worked with Ashlar products all these years, that trying to design complex geometry in any other program is like trying to do surgery without a scalpel and the ability to generate, what is in parametric terms, an “assembly” of many interlocking parts, on the fly and in one file, invaluable. I find the use of Cobalt as the primary design tool and the use of Solidworks or Pro E as the primary virtual assembly and or engineering tool a very efficient workflow.

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Troy Gleeson

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