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Featured Designer

Fred Puksta

Fred Puksta loves the ease-of-use and fast learning curve in Cobalt™ CAD and 3D modeling software. As he tell it:

When you say the program ‘works the way you think’ it really is not a cliché. Because, even though I’ve been using the program for years and years, I’m continually learning new things. And one of they way I learn it is I say to myself, ‘I would like to do this to this 3D model. I wonder if the program will do this.’ And then I try that series of tools, and voila, it does it. And I’m going, ‘oh, my god!’ You know, it constantly surprises me that it actually does work they way you think it should work.

Learn how Fred Puksta uses Cobalt to create patented design elements for Crown Point Cabinetry’s high-end kitchen cabinets and architectural detailing business in Innovate to Differentiate.

See how Puksta used Cobalt to design a new, more affordable line of semi-customized kitchen cabinets for Crown Point, that were prototyped in Puksta’s own kitchen, featuring a number of easy-access features in Innovative Kitchen Design Made Easier.

Puksta talks about designing a memorial bench honoring his late parents in In Loving Memory. Cobalt was essential in helping Puksta coordinate four different artists around the globe working on the bench’s fabrication, while at the same time keeping all six of his siblings in the loop.

In Furniture with Zen Appeal read how Cobalt’s solid modeling helped him achieve the look he wanted and sped the overall design of his Dynasty Collection for Saloom Furniture Company, winning the Pinnacle Design Achievement Award.


View Puksta and 14 other designers from around the world as they talk about the non-linear creative process that makes Ashlar-Vellum 3D modeling software so unique in our movie Organic Workflow™ in Consumer Product Design.

Listen to how Puksta compares Cobalt’s ease-of-use with AutoCAD’s.

Then let him tell you how the Drafting Assistant™ makes all of the difference in Ashlar-Vellum software.

Finally, let Puksta explain in his own words how Ashlar-Vellum software really does work the way you think.

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