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Graphite v12 Release Candidate

The Release Candidate of Graphite v12 on both Mac & Windows is expected at any time. That means the Final Release of v12 is imminent. Graphite v12 supports:

  • 2 to 25x faster on zooms, pans and selects—the things you do most
  • Even more DXF/DWG import/export improvements
  • Miscellaneous bug fixes and enhancements
  • Supported and tested on the most current and beta operating systems for Mac and Windows

Purchase Your Upgrade Now at the Special Pre-Release Price

All other users may purchase their Graphite v12 upgrade at a discount during the pre-release period (purchased prior to 7/1/18). Everyone who purchases in the pre-sale may enroll in the in the beta program and choose to use it at their discretion, or wait for the full release

Graphite v11 to Graphite v12 US $145.00 Buy
Upgrade Single-user License (e-only)
Graphite v10 to Graphite v12 US $305.00 Buy
Upgrade Single-user License (e-only)
Graphite v9 to Graphite v12 US $525.00 Buy
Upgrade Single-user License (e-only)
Graphite v8 to Graphite v12 US $875.00 Buy
Upgrade Single-user License (e-only)

Are you Eligible for a Free Upgrade?

Any user who purchased Graphite v11 on or after July 1, 2018 is eligible for a free upgrade to Graphite v12. These users will be automatically enrolled in the v12 beta program, issued v12 serial numbers, and may choose to use the Graphite v12 beta or continue to use Graphite v11 while they await the full release.

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