Ashlar-Vellum 3D Modeling Add-ons

Try these practical and cost effective 3D modeling add-on products for Designer Elements users on both Mac and Windows. Four great collections reduce the time spent creating routine finishes and surfaces, saving steps and giving designers more time to focus on larger project challenges than just their photo-realistic renderings. Whether for industrial, architectural, or artistic use, these products are so useful, they typically pay for themselves in a single project.

Vellum:materials, Vellum:decals and Vellum:environments support Ashlar-Vellum Cobalt™, Xenon™ and Argon™ 3D modeling software. Vellum:tracks can be used to enhance movies made in Cobalt, Xenon and Argon, or any other 3D software that makes movies.

All Vellum:accessories DVD libraries are now available for purchase online, by calling Ashlar-Vellum directly at +1 800 877-2745, or from Ashlar-Vellum resellers worldwide.


Vellum:environments is a set of 15 virtual photography studios with large smooth surfaces, pre-lit for easy modification. There are also step-by-step instructions for getting the best results while rendering, illustrated explanations, and a trouble-shooting guide. Click here for more details on our virtual studio for 3D rendering.

Product Single-User License Price
Vellum:environments DVD and book US $100.00
Vellum:environments e-only US $38.54
Vellum:environments site license, DVD and book US $200.00
Vellum:environments site license e-only: US $138.54
Vellum:environments book only, no license US $60.00


Vellum:tracks is a set of 13 original royalty-free music tracks to enhance movies made in Cobalt, Xenon and Argon, or any other 3D software that makes movies. Music can be edited to any length using an audio editing program. Give your presentations that final touch of professionalism they deserve. Click here for a full listing of the music tracks for 3D animations.

Product Single-User License Price
Vellum:tracks DVD US $100.00
Vellum:tracks e-only US $92.81
Vellum:tracks site license DVD US $200.00
Vellum:tracks site license e-only US $192.81


Vellum:materials is a collection of 300 prototype surfaces and finishes for easy photo-realistic rendering setup of virtually any kind of computer-generated 3D modeled object. Click here for more about these materials for 3D renderings.

Product Single-User License Price
Vellum:materials DVD US $100.00
Vellum:materials e-only US $93.81
Vellum:materials site license DVD US $200.00
Vellum:materials site license e-only US $193.81


Vellum:decals is a set of 300 commonly used decals for faster rendering setup of 3D object. Click here for more information about our decals for 3D models.

Product Single-User License Price
Vellum:decals DVD US $100.00
Vellum:decals e-only US $93.81
Vellum:decals site license DVD US $200.00
Vellum:decals site license e-only US $192.81