File transformation…with a little magic.™

Ashlar-Vellum’s new Alchemy:Essential and Alchemy:Adept empower users to open SolidWorks and Autodesk Inventor files directly in Cobalt™, Xenon™ and Argon™ 3D modeling software under Mac or Windows. With Alchemy:Adept can also directly access Catia, Pro/E and Siemens Unigraphics files.

All Ashlar-Vellum 3D modeling products have extensive file import capabilities included. For a list of built-in precision surface and solid file formats click here. Alchemy extends that list for those who need to import files from products or version numbers beyond that list.

Use SolidWorks, Pro/E and Other Files on the Mac—Now it’s possible to work in the software of your choice on the platform of your choice. Alchemy allows you to import an extended range of files from other 3D modelers into Ashlar-Vellum software, taking advantage of our unique Organic Workflow™ and Vellum® interface.

Import From Alchemy:


Catia v5 *.CATpart, *.CATproduct, *.cgr R6 to R21  
Pro/ENGINEER *.prt & *.asm, V16 to Wildfire 5  
Siemens Unigraphics .prt, V11-18, NX to NX7.5  
SolidWorks *.sldasm & *.sldprt, Version 98-2011
Autodesk Inventor *.ipt & *.iam, up to Version 2012
Catia v4 *.model, *.exp, *.dat, *.session, sequential files up to 4.2.4
ACIS .sat, R2-R22
Parasolid .x_t, V10-V24
STEP .stp, AP203, AP214
IGES .igs, up to Version 5.3

Manipulate Existing Geometry—The Alchemy series translates the existing geometry, allowing new manipulation in any of our 3D modeling programs, including Cobalt, Xenon or Argon, using their direct editing tools, such as remove face, move face or move edge. When using Xenon or Cobalt, new history is created in the Ashlar-Vellum history tree.

Geometry Repair—Both Alchemy plug-ins offer some of the most advanced file repair technology, eliminating hours of manual rework. Stitch loose surfaces into water-tight solids, replace missing surfaces and reorient surface normals, simplify geometry to analytic forms, correct geometry and optimize for downstream applications.

Supports v8 SP3—Both Alchemy:Essential and Alchemy:Adept require v8 SP3 or higher of Cobalt, Xenon or Argon. Click here for system requirements.