Ashlar-Vellum Statement of Section 508 Compliance for Cobalt™, Xenon™, Argon™ 3D Modeling and Graphite™ Computer-aided Drafting Software

This document provides an analysis of Ashlar-Vellum computer-aided drafting and 3D modeling in relationship to the United States federal government’s Electronic and Information Technology Accessibility Standards as published in Section 508 Part 1194. Subsets of those standards are included here. Ashlar-Vellum software refers to all products offered by Vellum Investment Partners, LLC, dba Ashlar-Vellum, specifically Cobalt, Xenon, Argon for 3D modeling and Graphite for Computer-aided drafting (CAD).

This document is a statement of compliance analysis and is not intended as a certification of compliance.

Section Criteria Features Remarks
508.1194.21(a) Keyboard executable functions
  • Status Line
  • Macro Functions
Keyboard shortcuts are provided for some menu functions. A macro interface allows keyboard commands to be defined for all menu functions. A status line provides an alternative input method for coordinate locations and other geometric parameters. Some functions, such as mouse-driven object creation are not accessible via the keyboard.
508.1194.21(b) Non-disruptive to other activated products   Testing indicates that Ashlar-Vellum products do not interfere with the accessibility features of other products on the system.
508.1194.21(c) Current focus for interactivity
  • Title Bar
Focus is not programmatically exposed in Ashlar-Vellum programs. Onscreen indicators are provided to indicate current focus among interactive elements as focus changes.
508.1194.21(d) Image information about program element available to Assistive Technology and in text.
  • Message Line
  • Tool Tips
The Message Line and Tool Tips identify tools and suggest step-by-step instructions in text. These are not available to Assistive Technology.
508.1194.21(e) Consistent use of bitmaps to identify programmatic elements
  • Preference Settings
All bitmapped images are used consistently within the program. Starting with version 8, all programs will have a skinning feature that allows the interface bitmaps to be changed.
508.1194.21(f) Textual information provided   All Ashlar-Vellum programs provide control of text content, input location and attributes.
508.1194.21(g) Color, contrast and display attributes
  • Preference Settings
Ashlar-Vellum programs do not override user settings for color, contrast or display.
508.1194.21(h) Animated displays   Animated displays are not used in Ashlar-Vellum products with the exception of progress bars which display the relative time remaining to install the program or to open, save, create, import or export a file. This will not prevent use of the products by disabled persons.
508.1194.21(i) Color coding   Ashlar-Vellum programs do not use color as the only means of conveying information or action in the interface.
508.1194.21(j) Variety of color and contract settings
  • Preference Settings
The user may customize the background, text and contrast settings with a wide variety of settings.
508.1194.21(k) Flashing or blinking text
  • Preference Settings
Ashlar-Vellum products do not use flashing or blinking text, objects or elements by default at any speed. Users, however, may change them at their option.
508.1194.21(l) Electronic forms   Ashlar-Vellum products do not use electronic forms.

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