Ashlar-Vellum CAD & 3D Modeling Makes it Possible

Some men see things as they are and ask why. Others dream things that never were and ask why not.

George Bernard Shaw

Getting caught in an up and down economy may be a blessing in disguise. Think of it as a new beginning, a time to dig down and find your entrepreneurial spirit. Have you considered becoming a freelance designer, starting your own design firm, or bringing a new product or invention to market?

This is a fantastic deal. I hope a number of folks take advantage of this. This is much better than the so-called stimulus package.

T. Alan Russell

But how, when resources are so tight, can you make this happen?

Ashlar-Vellum can help. Show us proof of unemployment, recent graduation, or the formation of your new business venture and we’ll give you a three-month trial license to our Cobalt™ 3D modeling and Graphite™ CAD software FREE to help you get started.

Ashlar, Good idea! Cheers!

Louis Mackall

As You Grow

After three months, as you’re slowly starting to climb, move on to the monthly rental of any of our CAD or 3D modeling products. With the submission of two or more drawings or models in Ashlar-Vellum format for our website we’ll give you 50% off of the monthly rental price of any of our products for one year. The commitment is low and 50% of the continuous rental fees can be applied toward 50% of the purchase of a permanent license when you’ve grown.

That’s very innovative, well done!

Scott Myers

Drawing or Model Submissions
Ashlar-Vellum is always looking for new CAD drawings and 3D models in Ashlar-Vellum format for our website Gallery and to use as sample files, promotional materials and in our training materials. Submissions are subject to approval and must be accompanied with a signed release allowing us free use of the files while noting your name as the designer. This gives you great exposure.

Success Stories
Another great way to gain exposure in the design community is through a success story about you for our website or for our quarterly user newsletter The Design Explorer. If you’ve used Ashlar-Vellum CAD or 3D modeling software in a particularly unusual or effective way to solve a problem or design a great product, we’d like to write about it. Send an email to to set up an interview.

How to Get Started

Contact Ashlar-Vellum with your desire to be part of our Reach for Your Dream program. Sign and return the Reach for Your Dream Agreement along with proof of unemployment, recent graduation, or documentation showing the formation of a new company.

I would like to complement your company on this approach to software sales. All too often companies have the idea that customers should purchase the software before they even know if it is suitable for them. I think your approach is much a more realistic one and I hope that you gain many more clients by this method.

Paul Bury