A Model of Patience

Japanese designer Kiyoaki Shin-i has been an Ashlar-Vellum user since version 2.0, experiencing early on the ease of creating models for automotive, aerospace and other industries with precision drawing software.

Thirty five years ago, Kiyoaki-san started making wooden models by hand in his workshop for Kigata-Kobo-Shin Co. Ltd. in Osaka, Japan. These models were then used to build metal molds for creating plastic parts for the automotive industry.

In 1996, Kiyoaki began searching for a better way to draw these models. He turned to drawing software on his Mac SE/30. The trouble was the software was difficult to use, imprecise, and had poor dimensioning, limiting him to only simple sketches. Then a friend showed him Ashlar-Vellum 2.0 precision 2D/3D CAD software and it’s revolutionary Drafting Assistant™.

I watched and was very surprised to see that the cursor was attracted to the target as if it were a magnetic force. The software was so simple, I mastered it in only two weeks.

As technology advanced, Kiyoaki knew he must too. Soon, molds were being made through computer-aided manufacturing techniques reducing the need for wooden models. While most of his competition went out of business, Kiyoaki thrived with Ashlar-Vellum as his competitive edge. Even then, there was still a need for handmade models, though now Kiyoaki received them in IGES files instead of on paper. Kiyoaki says, “It was lucky for me that Ashlar-Vellum could import IGES files on Mac from my customers.” In 2001 Kiyoaki moved to Cobalt™ 3D modeling software when IGES data changed from 3D wireframe to surface data.

“Recently, Cobalt has brought me profitable jobs by using the SAT translator to exchange data with my mold customers. We can create, modify and comment on them through email.” Kiyoaki concludes, “I have to take my hat off to Cobalt’s operation and functions, especially Plane/Surface Intersection Tool and the Silhouette Tool. These are very useful for making models.”

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