Design to Production in One

DesignJourney’s core business is the production of their highly acclaimed ORIDJINoffice modular furniture system, but when one of their best customers called and requested some custom accessories for their workstations, DesignJouney was delighted to accommodate.

Designed in Xenon™ CAD and 3D modeling software, the ORIDJINoffice workstations are a fresh approach to the modern office cubical. Using the original Xenon files, designer Michael Golino and his team were able to easily utilize the existing shapes to create the printer table and coffee table designs requested by their customer. Then, Xenon’s photo-realistic rendering capabilities let Golino create beautiful design illustrations that were emailed to his client for review.

To DesignJourney’s amazement, “We had anticipated doing several versions before design approval, but the initial group of illustrations we sent were compelling enough that the client enthusiastically accepted our first effort. From request to design approval was less than a week.”

Xenon 3D modeling made all aspects of the production phase fast and accurate. DesignJourney utilized existing construction methods to quickly build the new tables. Commented Golino,

Xenon allowed us to go from design to production with virtually the same file.

A CNC router cut out all of the wood surfaces. A CNC plasma cutter cut out the metal legs of the coffee table. Shop drawings of the welded steel frame for the printer table were also generated from the same file used to create the design.

Golino adds, “As a designer I used to start all of my projects in a sketch book. Now I always start with Xenon.”

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