Old CAD and 3D Modeling Software on New Operating Systems

Here are a few things you should know about legacy software:

Vellum 2.7:

  • Vellum 2.7 will NOT run under Microsoft Windows Vista. Version 2.7 is a 16-bit program and Vista demands 32-bit applications.
  • Vellum 2.7 will NOT run on the new Intel Macs.
  • Because Vellum 2.7 is over 10 years old, the upgrade discount from 2.7 to Graphite™ was discontinued on July 31st, 2007. A courtesy discount may be available. Contact Ashlar-Vellum sales or your dealer.

Vellum 3.0, 4.0, or 99, Vellum Solids 98, 99, 2000:

  • These will NOT run on the new Intel Macs.
  • To get an old hardware key running on a new computer under Microsoft Windows Vista usually requires Ashlar-Vellum specialists to log into your computer and set up the drivers. We are happy to help with this under our Quickstart Consulting program at US $150/hour. It usually requires a minimum of at least two hours, sometimes longer.
  • New computers no longer have parallel ports for Windows machines nor ADB ports on Mac.
  • Commercial products that convert parallel or ADB ports to USB do not work for software security keys.
  • To purchase a new USB key with an old serial number and information is US $895.00.
  • The cost difference between the consulting fee with key replacement, and the upgrade price of US $695.00 is not significant enough for most people to go through the inconvenience of trying to get their old software running on new hardware.

Graphite v6, Cobalt™, Xenon™ & Argon™ v5

  • These will not run on Intel Macs because OS 9 is not supported on those machines.

Graphite v7, v9 & v10 as well Cobalt™, Xenon™ & Argon™ v7, v8, and v9

  • These will not run on Mac 10.13 High Sierra.