Ashlar-Vellum partners with a number of different companies to use our CAD and 3D modeling technology in conjunction with their products and services on Mac and Windows.


AlphaCorr has recently acquired Rules Software, the original minds who developed Ashlar Score in technical collaboration with Ashlar-Vellum in 1992. Using Ashlar-Vellum Graphite™ as the CAD engine, RulesSoftware, and now the AlphaCorr team has developed a complete set of commands and enhancements specifically for the packaging and display design market. Added to this is a fully parametric box library developed by the team to provide the most robust yet easy to use software available for this industry.

Rules™ is used to design POP/POS signage and displays, and specialty packaging.

SteelRules™ is an add-on to Rules, providing all of die design features necessary for a seamless transition from a package design to a production die. Create the most complex bobst cutting dies, stripping jigs and rotary dies in a matter of minutes. From flatbed to rotary, lasers to tables, SteelRules creates die layouts faster and easier than with any other software.

AlphaCorr products allow you to estimate tooling costs for packaging designs integrate the BOM with Excel or another ODBC DBMS. We also provide fold-up designs in Adobe Illustrator with applied graphics, and many other inter-application tools.


Comnet publishes Box-Vellum Graphite, a leading box and packaging design program in the Japanese market, which uses Graphite as an OEM component. They are also a maker of Adobe plug-in products. Comnet is Ashlar-Vellum’s distributor in Japan for retail sales of Cobalt, Xenon, Argon 3D modeling and Graphite 2D/3D CAD software for Mac and Windows.

Roofing Contractor Solutions, Inc.

RCSI licensed Graphite CAD software as the basis on which to develop a new estimating application to assist the building industry. After looking at a variety of CAD platforms they chose Graphite for its unmatched combination of ease of use, flexibility and power. Key to their decision was the ability to work directly with the Ashlar-Vellum team to customize key functions for a tablet PC.


TransMagic develops CAD interoperability software for file translation and geometry repair. It is the TransMagic technology that powers Ashlar-Vellum Alchemy:Essential and Alchemy:Adept plug-ins. Both Alchemy plug-ins import the geometry from an extensive list of 3D modeling packages including SolidWorks, Autodesk Inventor and Catia v4. These files directly open in Ashlar-Vellum Cobalt, Xenon and Argon on either Mac or Windows. Alchemy:Adept will also open Catia v5, Pro/E and Siemens NX files.

Snap-on Tools

The industrial division of Snap-on Tools delivers tool drawers with foam cut-outs for each tool. Developed as a means of effectively controlling lots of low- to medium-cost tools, these drawers are primarily used in the aerospace industry to prevent tools from being left in the aircraft and in schools to prevent theft.

Snap-on faced two problems with their custom drawer design. First, the library of silhouettes for each of their tools was distributed among their various foam cutters around the world. This left Snap-on without control of their intellectual property and required that new silhouettes be redrawn every time they added a new vendor. The second problem was the cycle time required to get a preliminary drawer design to a customer. In the delay the customers were losing interest and Snap-on was losing sales.

The solution was to build a custom drawer layout system so that Snap-on could bring the design of tool silhouettes in-house, retaining control of their intellectual property, while at the same time allowing the data to be used by multiple foam cutting vendors.

Using Graphite CAD software as the basis, Ashlar-Vellum developed a custom drawer layout system simple enough to be used by the salesperson yet precise enough to drive the foam cutting machines.


The first software collection of figures based on research data from the respected reference source, The Measure of Man and Woman — Human Factors in Design. These figures are available in a VLM format, ready to be imported into your Graphite CAD layouts in scale and positioned to suit your design. These are manipulable, scalable drawings that save time in the design process, whether you are an architect, engineer, industrial designer, interior designer, student or artist. The figures are adults and children.