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We are pleased to provide more information about the new features and enhancements to Graphite v10 2D/3D CAD software on Mac and Windows.

New Features & Functions

Draw Order Control Two Ways

In v10 the draw order of objects can be handled either by the Arrange menu or the Layer dialog box. Individual entities can be moved using Arrange to bring them forward or backward one step or to bring them to the front or back. Entire layers can also be brought forward or backward as desired by simply reordering the layers in the dialog.

Layer Visibility by Viewport

Graphite v10 lets you control the visibility of layers for each viewport. This is particularly useful for AutoCAD compatibility.

Center Hot Points in Circles

Hot points are available in circles, arcs and ellipses making it easy to directly grab their center points.

Drafting Assistant Snap to Work Plane

Ashlar-Vellum’s patented Drafting Assistant® is enhanced to include snap to work plane. This makes drawing in 2D easier, even when working with a 3D import.

Ungroup vs. Explode Tool

In Graphite v10 use the Ungroup tool to ungroup deeply nested groups without ever worrying about breaking apart dimension entities. Use the Explode tool when dimensions need to be broken into entities.

DXF/DWG Scale Factor

In Graphite v10 the scale factor can be set prior to importing a DXF/DWG file.

Greater Usability Enhancements

Enhanced Palette & Dialog Position Memory

Now tool palettes and dialog box positions are remembered independently for every screen size used, including single and dual screen configurations.

Expanded Open File Formats

Double click or directly open other files format such as DWG/DXF, PDF, and EPS with Graphite v10. No longer do they have to be imported through the File menu inside the previously launched Graphite software.

Zoom All Border Area

The Zoom All function is improved in Graphite v10 to set the border area of the drawing area. This prevents geometry from hiding under palettes at the edges of the screen.

Grid Color

The grid color is user definable in Graphite v10. Now any color can be selected making it easier to see.

Font Report

The new font report in v10 identifies missing fonts and allows temporary or permanent substitutions.

Import Export Enhancements

More Raster Image Formats

More than 20 new raster image formats can now be imported into Graphite v10 including PNG and TIFF.

Enhanced PDF Import

A number of general improvements are included in Graphite v10’s PDF import capabilities.