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Support for Large Format Printers at High Resolution

Many printer drivers for Leopard and Snow Leopard are shipping without the ability to control output resolution. In the past, Graphite and Vellum classic CAD software could support up to roughly 32,000 steps/pixels per inch in either direction. (Plotters are measured insteps, printers in pixels.) For example, at 300 DPI (pixels) the maximum paper size is calculated as:

32,767 ÷ 300 = 108 inches in either direction

The problem arises, however, at 4800 DPI which is the standard, fixed resolution for HP printer drives. This means, the maximum paper size is calculated at:

32,767 ÷ 4800 = 6.8 inches in either direction

In Graphite v8 SP2, Graphite was enhanced to work around this issue. Be aware, however, that physical and virtual printers (PDF) have their own limitations on these sizes.

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