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We are pleased to provide more information about the new features and enhancements to Xenon v9 3D modeling software on Mac and Windows.

Architectural Features

Smart Walls

Similar to those found in Graphite, Smart Walls are double lines that are automatically trimmed at the intersections when the walls are on the same layer. Thickness, height, angle and length are specified in the Status Line. Optional properties include hatch pattern, hatch color, trimming, single or double lines and wall orientation such as center line, inside or outside.

Smart Walls in action. Overlapping lines
are automatically trimmed at the intersections.

Enlarged Text for User Interface Items

Doors are inserted in wall segments. When viewed from the top, the arc and width of the door appear. From all other views, the door appears as a 3D object. Options include single and double doors.


The Windows tools if for adding windows to a wall segment. Like the doors, the windows appear appropriately in top vs. other three-dimensional views. Windows can have overlapping, tight or standard sills.

New Drawing Features

Improved Hatching (to be implemented in SP1)

Hatching options include calculation and display of perimeters and areas of any designated object. Hatching patterns can only be applied to a 2D object but can be used in any 3D plane.

Flattened Perspective View

Facilitates 2D line art with perspective brought into a view for illustration purposes.

New Surfacing Features

Surface from Two Contours

A convenient way to loft a surface between two contours (an open set of 2D curves) where the starting and ending angles are assumed to be perpendicular to the plane curve.

Surface created from two contours.

Conic Surface from Sections & Guides

A convenient way to designate conic surfaces which are common in aerospace and industrial design.

Conic surface from sections and guides.

New Image Handling Options for 2D Raster Images

Background Image Aspect Ratio

An image designated as the background for a file using the user preferences can optionally retain its aspect ratio as the window size is changed.


An image can be transparent independent of its alpha channel.

Independent Corner Adjustment

Images do not have to remain rectilinear but can be changed to any simple quadrilateral (four-sided, non-intersecting) shape.

Used as Infinite Plane

Any 2D image can be designated as a plane and used in that way.

Fit to Profile

Draw a simple quadrilateral profile then fit an image to it.

Create a profile including a parametric- or equation-driven sketch and fit an image to it. If the profile changes, the image updates.

Import/Export Enhancements

2D PDF Import

3D PDF Export

Export to 3D PDF format is now available.

Kinetics Export (.sim)

AutoCAD 2015/2016 DXF/DWG Support