Sound Tracks for CAD-generated Movies

Tired of silent CAD- and 3D-generated movies? Don’t want to steal music? Here’s the perfect solution for the CAD professional from people who understand your 3D modeling needs.

Now you can access royalty-free soundtrack music to enhance the presentation of your CAD and 3D modeled movies on Mac or Windows. With the use of an audio editing program you can simply edit Vellum® Tracks™ to the appropriate length and then drop the track(s) into your movie.

A must-have musical resource for anyone creating movies from CAD or 3D modeled images.

13 Unique Tracks. Listen…

  1. E Song 3:12. A steady, pulsing piece. Has a major breakdown at 0:45 and then continues into a traditional rock sound.
  2. Zen Merchant 4:41. Uplifting. Bombastic. Huge. Has a quick rhythm change at 2:44. Returns to original tempo at 3:28.
  3. Elephant Summer 3:44. Dreamy summer’s day. Driving with the top down. Changes to nostalgic out-tro at 2:24.
  4. India 4:04. A driving, Middle Eastern march.
  5. Electric 5:43. Hypnotic. Mystical. Changes at 2:18 and 3:40.
  6. A Test Of Light 4:04. Psychedelic Garden of Eden.
  7. Swim 8:14. Call of the Sirens. Breakdown at 2:55 with added guitar melody. Second breakdown at 6:08.
  8. Shaman Gone Fishing 9:07. A dramatic, Native American ritual. Huge dynamics. Enter other-worldly aquatic chirping.
  9. Alien Bridge 3:40. A walk across a dark alien landscape.
  10. The Trial. Machine to spiritual awakening. Awakening begins at 2:47.
  11. The Rain Coast 4:29. An innocent look at nuclear winter. Vocals.
  12. Radio 6:33. Exploring the odd world of radio waves.
  13. Virtual New Age 10:34. Tabla driven, scary music. Nightmare.

Engineered by Larry Graves at Manneq Studios, Austin, Texas. Mastered at Terra Nova Studios, Austin, Texas.

The music is cutting edge with an edge, well suited to complimenting modern 3D CAD designs. I appreciate having such royalty-free tracks on hand to augment CAD presentations.

John Schussler

This Vellum Tracks™ disc, written and recorded by Devolver Music, provides you with a wide array of music styles and audio sounds. Mix and match tracks to produce just the right effect for your movie.

Devolver Music is a soundtrack production company and band that performs in Austin, Texas. Some tracks on this disc were written specifically for the Vellum Tracks project, others have been culled from years of recording work. An emphasis was placed on making this compilation listenable as an album and workable as support for CAD movies. We hope you find these tracks to be unique sounding and invaluable to your presentations.

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All tracks written, recorded, and produced by Devolver Copyright © 2004 Devolver Music. Contact Shane Walker at for information on licensing any of this music for use other than the enhancement of CAD movies.