Start a New Subscription and Get 50% discount

Unlock Maximum Savings with Our November Sale at Ashlar-Vellum!

In the Northern Hemisphere the days are shorter and the sky grayer. The clouds drip with autumn rain and the temperatures are nippy. It’s a perfect time to make progress on your latest design idea using your favorite CAD and 3D modeling software. To make the job even better, Ashlar-Vellum has special offers for all of our customers with great savings now through the end of November, 2023.

New (and Seriously Lapsed) Subscriptions

If you’ve never subscribed (or at least haven’t had an active subscription for 6 months or more) we’re offering 50% off to get you on board. You can add a second year for 20% off, and a third for 30% off. Subscriptions include all upgrades to new editions.

Current Yearly Subscriptions

If you’re currently on a yearly subscription, you can still save. No matter where you are in your annual agreement, you can renew now, adding another full year to your expiration date at 10% off. Add a second year at 20% off and a third year at 30% off.

Current Monthly Subscriptions

If it’s time to convert from a monthly to a yearly license, you can also get the 10% off the first year and add the 2ndand 3rd years at 20% and 30% respectively. Now’s the time to act while our November sale is underway. But hurry. This offer ends November 30th, 2023, not to be seen again.

To place your order call our sales department and talk to Linda Minton
at +1 800 877 2745 ext. 1 or email at Or contact a reseller in your region.

P.S. All this applies to our newly expanded Enterprise Licenses, starting at just 50 units.