Furniture with Zen Appeal

How about this for a design challenge? Create some innovative dining room furniture, not too formal, not too casual, but definitely “spiritual,” with a feeling of nature, tranquility, serenity and do it fast.

Frederick Puksta thrives on such challenges and credits much of his success in meeting them to Ashlar-Vellum CAD and 3D modeling design software. Take for example his latest Dynasty Collection that won acclamation from the American Society of Furniture Designers for its “crisp design with Zen appeal.”

Puksta calculates that he saved two to three months of time in bringing forth his elegant collection because he worked in Ashlar-Vellum Cobalt™ 3D modeling software from conceptual design through solid modeling to final production. “Not only did solid modeling help me achieve the look I wanted, it also sped the development of this collection because the geometry was used in so many ways.”

Constructing the model in Cobalt was easy because it replicated the process of making the model by hand.

Puksta is one of a growing number of talented designers who use Ashlar-Vellum CAD and 3D modeling products to blend innovative design with unique material producing quality home furnishings. His Dynasty Collection features table top options in natural stone, honed marble, unglazed tile, wood, Corian, glass—all carefully orchestrated to bring texture, style, and a sense of art into the dining area.

Puksta designed this collection for Saloom Furniture in Winchendon, MA, a multi-million dollar company which sells its products through independent retailers around the country. Saloom Furniture has grown since its inception 18 years ago by basing its business plan on two fundamentals: understanding consumer trends and producing innovative furniture that embodies those desires.

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