Innovative Kitchen Design Made Easier in Cobalt™

Furniture designer and long-time Cobalt CAD and 3D modeling advocate, Fred Puksta is the Product Designer for Crown Point Cabinetry, makers of top-of-the-line, handcrafted, custom cabinets for kitchens and other rooms. As Product Designer, Puksta is responsible for the creation of new products and detailing customer’s custom requests.

At home, Fred and his wife, LeeAnn, have continually bought older houses and renovated them. Recently, while remodeling their latest kitchen, Puksta had an idea to produce several unique design aesthetics within a frameless construction. He worked collaboratively with Brian Stowell, owner of Crown Point Cabinetry, to develop this new, more affordable line of semi-customized kitchen cabinets. Fred and LeeAnn’s kitchen became the prototype.

Marketed as The Limited Line by Crown Point, the new construction paradigm allows modular substitution of patented components, such as decorative end panels, valences, doors, mouldings and feet, to create different styles. In addition, some cabinets embrace the tenants of Universal Design providing accessibility for all people, including the 6’3” Fred, and 4’11” LeeAnn. These include pull-down shelf units, a table on a pneumatic cylinder that adjusts to any work height from 28 1/2” up to 45”, a no-touch trash drawer that opens with a foot pedal and closes with the push of the knee, soft-closing kitchen drawers that shut automatically with a gentle push, and an island that can be repositioned as a peninsula or removed entirely.

Fred uses Cobalt CAD and 3D modeling software, both at home and at work because of its extreme ease of use. As he puts it:

The single best thing about Cobalt is the Drafting Assistant. That’s probably the best thing that’s been invented with respect to CAD programs because, especially in a 3D environment, it is so easy to use when the Drafting Assistant is helping you determine where you are in 3D space. It’s really phenomenal.

Puksta’s extended creativity allowed him to develop a commercial product line while renovating his own kitchen. Designers like Fred use Cobalt so that all of their mental energy goes into creating their design and not into how to run their software.

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