Technical Support Options

Ashlar-Vellum offers a range of free and paid technical support through email, telephone and our website CAD and 3D modeling software on both Mac and Windows. The Knowledgebase on our website as well as the Articles and Hot Topics & FAQs under the Support menu are an excellent place to look for commonly asked questions. If you’re having trouble with registration codes, click here.

Request a Support Ticket

We have recently implemented an online ticketing system for interaction with our tech support staff regarding our precision drafting and 3D modeling products on both Mac and Windows operating systems. This has several advantages to our customers:

  • It provides an organized place to view all correspondence related to a ticket. This can be done by both customers and our support staff through our Support Center.
  • It gives you some control and an alternative medium to see if our return correspondence is not getting to you via email because it’s being blocked by your ISP.
  • It establishes a quick communications link that is especially helpful for:
    • Communicating long filenames, download links, and registration codes, all of which are impractical and error-prone to deal with over the telephone.
    • Establishing an electronic link needed for sharing screens through through the internet should an issue need to be elevated to this level.
    • Allowing not only all of our support team, but also product management, corporate management, and development to monitor issues and offer additional advice.

Please note that all interaction with our CAD and 3D modeling support staff, either through email or telephone, free or charged-for requires a support ticket number. Each new issue will need a new support ticket. Calling without a ticket will not result in getting faster service via telephone.

Our goal is to respond to, though not necessarily resolve, your question within four business hours (Monday-Friday 9am-3pm Central Time). Tickets received immediately after a product or service pack release may take a little longer.

Free technical support is available via email to those on the current version or one version back. Paid email support for older versions is available at US $29.00 per issue.

Free telephone callbacks are available to those who have received a new license or upgrade in the past 90 days. Paid telephone support is available for those outside of 90 days and for those requiring special support services offered through our Quick Start Consulting services.