Ashlar-Vellum has expanded our Quick Start Consulting services to better serve our customers. Using a combination of web- and telephone-based communications we provide CAD and 3D modeling tutoring, emergency support, project consulting and special services.

It’s like having a colleague say,
“Let me show you a few things that will help you get started.”

Contact the Ashlar-Vellum sales office to schedule an appointment.

Web Tutoring for CAD and 3D Modeling US $150/hour
Emergency or Project Consulting US $150/hour
File Translation Service or Reinstallation Assistance US $39/file or computer
Hardware Key Reprogramming & Installation US $895 for key
+ US $150/hour
2-3 hours estimated

Quick Start Web-based Private Tutoring for CAD and 3D Modeling

Our innovative web- and telephone-based tutoring service that provides that little added push to make your software start paying for itself in the first few hours. This is private, one-on-one tutoring, conducted through our network of power users and support professionals, via Adobe Connect and your telephone.

Quick Start Tutoring is not a replacement for our formal training classes, but is often all a user needs when switching to Ashlar-Vellum programs. Unlike formal training, it does not require the time, travel costs, nor days away from the office. Quick Start Tutoring is done at your convenience, in one-hour increments of US $150/hour, and is adapted especially to your needs and projects.

Emergency Support or Project Consulting

Emergency technical support for all users is available through our Quick Start Consulting services at US $150/hour. This is a great way to get some specialized help with a project. If you’re facing a deadline and need help now this may be an option for you.

File Import/Export Service

Detailed information on file translation issues is available in the Articles section of our website as well as in the Knowledgebase. If you would like Ashlar-Vellum to perform the translation service for you, the charge is US $39 per file.

Reinstallation Assistance via Telephone

If you require help reinstalling current software after purchasing a new computer, the consulting charge is US $39 per computer. For assistance installing legacy versions of our software on new hardware the consulting charge is US $150/hour and we only guarantee results if the computer exactly meets but does not exceed the specifications for that version of the software.

Hardware Key Reprogramming

Versions of our software purchased at or before the turn of the century required a hardware key. While a highly experienced IT staff can sometimes get these old versions to run on new hardware, it is usually least expensive to simply upgrade to a current version that does not require a key. Ashlar-Vellum does provide services to assist your staff in key configuration. It requires a US $895 charge to reprogram the key, plus a minimum of two hours of Quick Start Consulting at US $150/hour if we can connect directly and take over your system via high speed internet. It requires three hours or more if we must talk you through this over the telephone. Contact Ashlar-Vellum sales for upgrade pricing to assist in your decision or arrange for a consulting appointment.