Enterprise Licensing gives the power and precision of our CAD or 3D Modeling software to your entire organization on both Mac and Windows. These enterprise-based licenses are available on an annual basis. Multiple options are available to fit the size and scope of any organization. Regain the competitive edge in your market by deploying drawing and modeling capabilities throughout your company, institution or association.

The saying among IT professionals used to be, “Nobody ever got fired for buying IBM.” Now it’s, “Nobody ever got fired for buying Microsoft.” Sometimes we forget that whenever you do exactly what everybody else does, you lose an opportunity for a competitive advantage.

IT purchasers tend to go with the big name. Another example is the AutoCAD computer-aided design and drafting package. Ashlar-Vellum (a competitive CAD package) is much easier to learn and more efficient. It’s got a better interface rather than more features—and yes, its files are compatible. For many companies, using it would be like getting free engineers.

Jef Raskin, Human Interface Expert, “Bad Design can be Costly”, Forbes Magazine May 28, 2001, www.forbes.com

What makes our Enterprise licenses a better solution than any other CAD or 3D Modeling software offered on a corporate licensing basis? Compare the following and see:

  • Unparalleled ease of use (learn more).
  • Easy deployment of Drawing & Modeling through out your organization (learn more).
  • Not a bait and switch for other CAD or 3D Modeling products (learn more).
  • No future risk (learn more).
  • Documentation, support and training options (learn more).
  • Cost-effective pricing (learn more).

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