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Create Multi-sheet PDF Files

In Ashlar-Vellum Graphite v8 precision CAD software, you can create multi-sheet PDFs directly from within Graphite and embed files directly in the PDF file.

CAD files make poor archive files because there’s no way to embed system-specific features such as line styles, text fonts and hatch patterns. They are also difficult to email as some email systems change them to a text file. You can never be sure what you’re drawing will look like from one computer to another.

PDFs email easily. They accurately reproduce fonts, line styles and patterns.

Now in Graphite v8 create multi-sheet PDFs drawn from multiple models in the same file. Export Graphite layers as PDF layers. Optionally embed a Graphite file or any export file directly in the file. Everything for an entire project can be emailed safely, displayed accurately and archived conveniently.

Use Adobe Acrobat to further enhance files, inserting and replacing pages, commenting and marking changes or tracking revisions.

Click here to see a sample multi-sheet PDF with embedded Graphite and DXF files.

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