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What was new in Cobalt 3D Modeling v8?

  • Conditional Equations (learn more)
  • Nested Equations (learn more)
  • Status Line and Edit Object Fields Support Variables (learn more)
  • Real-time Section Profiles and Cutaway Views in Edit Window (learn more)
  • Enhanced Rib Tool (learn more)
  • Photo-realistic Views in Model to Sheet (learn more)
  • Graphite™ v8 (learn more)
  • Real-time Environment Maps in Edit Window (learn more)
  • Real-time Pseudo Zebra in Edit Window
  • Real-time Normal, Curvature & Draft Check in Edit Window
  • Real-time Display in 3D of Imported Scanned Hand Sketches (learn more)
  • Enhanced Project to Surface Tools Support Multiple Termination Options for Solids (learn more)
  • Advanced Control of Antialiasing for Objects, Edges, Shadows and Reflections (learn more)
  • Independent Control of Reflections and Refractions for Photo-realistic Rendering
  • Accelerated Phong and Gouraud Shading Options for Fly-by and Walk-through Animations
  • Accelerated Phong and Gouraud Shading Options for Render to File
  • Enhanced Shade Now Shortcut
  • Photo-realistic Environment Maps for Stills and Animations (learn more)
  • Photo-realistic Sunlight (from Location and Date/Time) for Stills and Animations (learn more)
  • Photo-realistic Tube and Area Lights for Stills and Animations (learn more)
  • Optionally Interleave Wireframe Geometry in Photo-realistically Rendered Stills and Animations (learn more)
  • Enhanced Select and Transform Tools that Directly Move Faces and Edges in Solids without Using the Specialized Local Face Tools (learn more)
  • Photo-realistic Material Changes Displayed in Real Time in the Edit Window
  • Import and Export of Bitmap Images
  • Imported Bitmaps Support Alpha Channel (learn more)
  • Spacemouse-device Support (Mac)
  • Spherical & Cylindrical Duplicate Tool (learn more)
  • Enhanced Polar Duplicate Tool (learn more)
  • Direct, Multi-sheet PDF Creation with Optionally Embedded Source and Exported Files (learn more)
  • Optional Automatic View Scale Indicator (learn more)
  • Updated ACIS with enhanced STEP, IGES and Catia Translators (learn more)
  • Batch Convert Tool (learn more)
  • AutoCAD 2007 DXF/DWG Support
  • Enhanced Import/Export Dialog Box Featuring Target and Source Software by Product Name (learn more)
  • Layers Optionally Override Pen Properties (learn more)
  • User-definable Interface Skins (learn more)
  • User-definable Texture Library Locations (learn more)
  • New Installer (learn more)
  • Enhanced Pop-up Menu for Entities (learn more)
  • Mid-point Line Tool (learn more)
  • Star Polygon Tool (learn more)
  • Twist Tool (learn more)
  • Stretch Tool (learn more)
  • Enhanced Extrude Tools Support Non-planar Profiles (learn more)
  • Enhanced Skin Solid Tool (learn more)
  • Automatic Mask Creation from Alpha Channel on Decals (learn more)
  • Materials Supported Independently on Decals (learn more)
  • Automated Support Ticket Preparation (learn more)
  • File Preview (learn more)

What was new in Cobalt 3D Modeling v8 Service Pack 1?

Major Features:

  • Advanced Hole Creation and Drill Access
  • Enhanced Lathe Tools Support Non-planer Profiles
  • Colors Assigned for each Face (learn more)
  • Materials Assigned for each Face (learn more)
  • AutoCAD 2008 DXF/DWG Support (learn more)
  • Optimization for Intel Mac
  • Multiprocessor Photo-realistic Rendering and Animation on Mac OS X

Minor Enhancements:

  • Enhancements to DWG, including:
    • Improved import/export of dimensions
    • Unsupported entities imported as groups
    • Correct Export of Line Types
    • Import Logs
  • Support fro Sub-folders in Batch Convert tool
  • Concurrent operation of v6, v7 and v8
  • Document thumbnails for Finder
  • Copy as Instance and Associative Duplicate Available for Surfaces
  • Pan within Drawing Views
  • Dimension Line Optionally Always Display
  • ClarisCad Import

What was new in Cobalt 3D Modeling v8 Service Pack 2?

Major Features:

Minor Enhancements:

  • Tutorials in Help Menu
  • Samples in File Menu
  • Enhanced Access to Drafting Assistant Settings
  • Faster Render Library Rebuild (Windows only)
  • Improved Object Visibility with Construction Lines
  • Direct Access to Folders Paths Defined in Preferences
  • Changeable Mouse-wheel Zoom Direction
  • More Entities Accepted with the Fill Command
  • Special Copy/Paste Command to and from Graphite v8 SP2
  • Feature Tree Replace Curve Option Now Supports Multi-curve Selections
  • Formulas Entered in Status Line Now Stored as Equations instead of Results

What have you been missing in Cobalt 3D Modeling v8?

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Product Versions History

Cobalt v8 SP3r1 was released May 31, 2013.
Cobalt v8 SP3r0 was released December 19, 2012.
Cobalt v8 SP2r7 was released October 6, 2011.
Cobalt v8 SP2r6 was released September 8, 2011.
Cobalt v8 SP2r5 was released September 1, 2010.
Cobalt v8 SP2r4 was released April 9, 2010.
Cobalt v8 SP2r3 was released December 11, 2009.
Cobalt v8 SP2 was released October 29, 2009.
Cobalt v8 SP1r2 was released December 8, 2008.
Cobalt v8 for Mac released June 26, 2008.
Cobalt v8 for Windows released January 30, 2008.

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